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Charity £1's

In May 2020 once we came back from lock-down and started working from behind closed doors we decided to give £1 from every local order over £30 to charity and local good causes in Wolverhampton. 

It started when Nichola decided to sign up to do a half marathon in memory of someone we lost in April, she set up a Just Giving page and we decided we would give the £1's to the charity run which went to Diabetes Wellness and Research.

Below we have kept track of each month and who they went to, thank you for supporting us and our local community.

We donated from May 20 to December 22 and are so proud that we were able to do this.

For the year of 2023 we raised a total of £1220!

December - £129 The Well Foodbank

November - £78 The Well Foodbank

October - £89 The Well Foodbank

September - £102 The Well Foodbank

August - £98 The Well Foodbank

July - £72 The Well Foodbank

June - £80 - The Well Foodbank

May - £104 - The Well Foodbank

April - £84 - The Well Foodbank

March 2022 - £164 - The Haven

February 2022 - £145 - The Well Foodbank

January 2022 - £75 - The Well Foodbank


For the year of 2021 we donated £1624 to good causes in Wolverhampton. For the full duration of our charity pounds we raised £2651.

December - £130 - The Well Foodbank

November - £110 - Good Shepherd

October - £105 - Simple Acts of Kindness

September - £131 - The Well Foodbank

August - £137 for a lady who knits fidget blankets for people who suffer with dementia.

July - £112 for Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre.

From January to June 2021 we saved our charity £1's and they were donated to Wolverhampton St. John Ambulance to provide a defibrillator to be used at local events. 

June  - £131

May - £107

April  - £111

March  - £213

Feb - £237

January - £100


For the month of December we donated £153 worth of food and hygiene products to our local food bank.


For the month of November we donated £101 to Shells Knits and Bits who knits hats for premature babies at local hospitals.


Diabetes Wellness and Research

For the month of May we raised £126.

For the month of June we raised £209.

For the month of July we raised £119.

For the month of August we raised £98.

For the month of September we raised £120.

For the month of October we raised £101.

In total for Diabetes Wellness and Research we have raised a total of £773!